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RaKiKo is the world's first online shop catered to the tastes of Generation Y. RaKiKo makes it easy for parents, aunts, uncles, and friends, to find the perfect gift to give to a member of Generation Y. Gift giving used to be incredibly hard until now! You might be asking yourself, how do they know what Generation Y will like? Well, the answer is quite simple! We, the founding members of RaKiKo.Co, are all members of Generation Y ourselves. While we may be young, we are confident in our product selections. We know what we want, and we know what our peers want.You don't have to be known as the "lame gift giver" any longer! By buying from RaKiKo, it is almost guaranteed that when you give your gift, the person receiving it WON'T be disappointed! We never imagined RaKiKo becoming a huge or well known website, but rather a website that people can come to for amazing content and a unique shopping experience. We strive to provide the best gift giving advice, stories about other amazing members of Generation Y, and to blow you away each and every day. You may think it's a tall order for a group of teenagers, but don't sell us short just yet.

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